Year Two

Year 2

In Year 2, our school curriculum includes: consolidation and application of our red-lines; the continued development of attitudes and attributes; the ‘Come & See’ National Project for Religious Education; and, the 2014 National Curriculum. This curriculum is delivered through modules, both core and broadening, that address the prime areas of Religious Education, English, Maths and Science. The modules do not indicate lengths of time, but rather gather related themes. Within each module, the learning in the prime areas is uncovered, practiced and explored in the specific subject area and also through gaining, using and applying the knowledge, skills and understanding of other subjects of the NC, some of which will be taught discretely:

In History:

  • national and global events beyond living memory, specifically World War I and II and the Britiah Empire and Commonwealth;
  • the contributions significant individuals in the past have made, including Queen Elizabeth I and II; Caxton and Berners-Lee;
  • the significance people and places in our locality have played in past events.

In Geography:

  • naming and locating the world’s seven continents and five oceans;
  • contrasting the physical and human geography of Malindi, in Kenya to County Durham;
  • locate hot and cold areas of the world in relation to the equator and poles.

In French (Modern Foreign Language):

  • familiarity with language through vocabulary relating to days of the week, numbers to twenty, family relationships, basic weather and feelings.

In Computing:

  • begin to apply logical reasoning to the algorithms of simple programs in order to debug if needed;
  • identify where to go for help and what would be concerning about content or contact on internet or other on-line technology.

In Design & Technology

  • design how to celebrate a birthday at a distance;
  • evaluate and construct a shelter that would help animals survive a hard winter;
  • formulate a guide to support a walk in the locality.

In Art:

  • drawing, painting and sculpting to develop and share ideas about their classroom;
  • explore craft materials in the making of products;
  • explore the different practices and disciplines of a range of artists, designers and crafts people.

In Music:

  • Understand and explore music through the inter-related dimensions of pitch, duration, dynamics, tempo, timbre, texture and structure.

Experiment with combining elements to create an effect.

In Physical Education:

  • the game of ’rounders’;
  • mastering basic movements and balances in arthletic and gymnastic activities;
  • performing ceilidh dance patterns.

Some aspects of these subjects will be taught discretely and others will form the contexts for learning in the prime areas, but all can be supported through research and conversation at home, and visits that family may enjoy during the year.

Red lines of learning

In year two, children should be using fluently the skills from preious years while mastering those shown below at home and school. 

R.E. Physical/ handwrite Read Write Maths Science
Retell the Christmas and Easter stories Controlled (form and size) cursive script  Phonics phase 6;fluent reader  Sequence sentences Know all table facts to 12×12 Cause and effect – make comparative statements

The attitudes and attributes that our children will be encouraged to develop this year are:

GRATITUDE: Memory, Perserverance, Worth, Functioning, Chronology, Probability

As we move into the Sounds Write programme, children will access Sounds Write and Phonic Books to support their learning.