Year One

Year 1

In Year 1, our school curriculum includes: consolidation and application of our red-lines; the continued development of attitudes and attributes; the ‘Come & See’ National Project for Religious Education; and, the 2014 National Curriculum. This curriculum is delivered through modules, both core and broadening, that address the prime areas of Religious Education, English, Maths and Science. The modules do not indicate lengths of time, but rather gather related themes. Within each module, the learning in the prime areas is uncovered, practiced and explored in the specific subject area and also through gaining, using and applying the knowledge, skills and understanding of other subjects of the NC, some of which will be taught discretely:

In History:

  • national changes, within living memory, specifically our sources of ‘News’;
  • the contributions significant individuals in the past have made, including William Wilberforce; Columbus; and, Yuri Gagarin/Neil Armstrong;
  • the significance people (George Stephenson); places (Stockton to Darlington) and events (The Railways) in our locality have played in past events.

In Geography:

  • naming locating and identifying the characteristics of the four countries and capital cities of the UK and her surrounding seas;
  • understand the geographical similarities and differences within County Durham;
  • identify seasonal and daily weather patterns in the UK.

In French (Modern Foreign Language):

  • introducing French: another word for . . .

In Computing:

  • Understand what algorithms are to create simple programs;
  • using technology safely in and beyond school, knowing to keep personal information private.

In Design & Technology

  • bread as ‘staple’;
  • preparing a meal for family of four;
  • designing and evaluating a time-gauge.

In Art:

  • drawing to develop and share ideas, experiences and imagination;
  • painting to develop and share ideas, experiences and imagination;
  • sculpting to develop and share ideas, experiences and imagination.

In Music:

  • Use voice to explore and experiment with sound.
  • Explore and experiment with instrumental and environmental sounds.

In Physical Education:

  • the game of ‘team-tig’;
  • employing basic movements and balances in multi-skill activities;
  • performing dances with established routines.

Some aspects of these subjects will be taught discretely and others will form the contexts for learning in the prime areas, but all can be supported through research and conversation at home and visits that family may enjoy during the year.

Red lines of learning

In year one, children should be using fluently the skills from previous years while mastering those shown below at home and school. 

R.E. Physical/ handwrite Read Write Maths Science
Can recite individually the ‘Our Father’ Controlled cutting; cursive script Phonics phase 5read 100 key words Spell 100 key words; simple sentences Know all number facts + and – within 20 Accurately describe observations

The attitudes and attributes that our children will be encouraged to develop this year are:

INDEPENDENCE: Distinction, Writing, Composition, Community, Dexterity

As we move into the Sounds Write programme, children will access Sounds Write and Phonic Books to support their learning.

Year 1 Modules Information

Documents Available for Download

Year 1 Expectations Booklet (PDF)