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School Uniform

Children are expected to wear a school uniform consisting of:

In school children wear 'in-door' shoes or slippers. If they chosse to wear shoes, then they need a pair for outdoor use at break and lunch-time play that will get muddy.

Children must have a PE Kit in school (except when being washed) consisting of:

Each child requires a Navy-blue book bag.

There is very little storage space in school, so generally your child requires no other equipement.


Our official uniform supplier is School Trends. You can follow the link below to their website.

School Trends Online Uniform Ordering

Only children admitted to school (Reception to Year 6) are expected to wear the unifrom. Although School Trends offer items of clothing with our badge, this is not a requirement of the uniform, so don't feel restricted.  It is only the colour and style that are necessary, and other suppliers can provide clothing of the specified colours.


Uniform Order Form


Uniform Change Notification 




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