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We work together with the families of north Hartlepool to develop a community that will Enhance, Enrich and Extend life opportunities for young and old alike, so that individuals can:

And, will not need to ‘qualify’ for the next regeneration project . . .


Inclusive - Together we will support all the young people and families of our community so that as far as possible their needs can be met within our community

Subsidiarity - Matters are dealt with at the most local level: organisations work individually, in partnership with one another or in our entirety, as appropriate to the task.

Mutuality - Recognising that it would be impossible for one partner to meet the ‘core offer’, each organisation supports access across the locality so that together our provisions complement rather than unnecessarily duplicating each other’s services.

Benificence - In all we do collectively and severally, we seek to avoid and mitigate any adverse or harmful impact upon each other, our community and those agencies at work within it.


Recognising that collectively we have a responsibility for the learning and care of all children accessing settings or living within the locality, we aim

So that future services will be deliver, within our communities that are wholly integrated, needs led and solution focused interventions, that support children and families where they live.

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