Headteachers Newsletter

Dear Parents,

I am delighted, and somewhat relieved, that we have made it through the term to Christmas. There has been considerable disruption in school particularly during December as we have seen more children and staff develop CoViD-19 than at any other time during the pandemic. Currently we have cases in the under 3 year-olds, year 1 and year 4 (please refer to the accompanying letters that give more information about isolation and testing from Public Health England). We have also had large numbers of children taking PCR tests because of symptoms, many of which have the normal winter colds and cough rather than CoViD. I am very grateful for the care you have shown and the precautions you are taking to ensure we minimise the risk to children and staff in the setting.

In the setting, while not fully our usual celebrations, we have been able to share our Christmas Ecclesia, Christmas Disco and parties including what felt like an outdoor ‘festival’ with Years 3-6 last night. We are enjoying Christmas Dinner today, again not as usual but in each individual classroom, and we have shared our Christmas Liturgy on ‘Teams’ and in the garden.

Christmas Mass Times

Christmas Eve at St. Joseph’s Church: 4.30pm Carols followed by Mass at 5.00 pm

6.30 pm Carols followed by Mass at 7.00 pm

9.00 pm Carols followed by Mass at 9.30 pm

Christmas Day at St. Patrick’s Church: 9.00 am Dawn Mass
Christmas Day at St. Mary’s Church: 10.00 am Day Mass
Feast of Holy Family, Sunday 26th December: 9.00 am St. Patrick’s, Church

10.00 am at St. Joseph’s, Church

11.00 am at St. Mary’s Church

After a difficult term, I am aware that both parents and staff are feeling worn-out. However, our children are excited for Christmas, this year, as they should be! I recognise everyone’s efforts to keep life for our children as ‘normal’ as possible. I appreciate that we are all doing our best in very trying times and I want to thank parents and staff for their amazing efforts through these weeks. I wish everyone of you a Happy and Holy Christmas. I will remember all at Mass on Christmas morning, and please keep the school & early years in your prayers. We hope for a better year in 2022!

Yours sincerely

John L. Hardy (Head Teacher)